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Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorneys Manage Your Financial Recovery

Bankruptcy is a legal tool currently providing financial relief for many Americans. When you face severe financial circumstances, filing for bankruptcy can be a valuable lifeline leading the way toward a debt-free future. The bankruptcy attorneys of Reppe Law Office PLLC help you understand how bankruptcy may change your life for the better. We provide one-on-one, in-depth counsel and help you pursue the most viable legal options. Our law firm can give you the fresh start you deserve.

Putting the Bankruptcy Process into Perspective

Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy does not serve as a magic wand to instantly eliminate your debts. When you initiate bankruptcy proceedings, we file a federal court petition. If it is approved, some of your creditors’ claims may be immediately extinguished, but other items still have to be addressed. Our bankruptcy law firm has more than a half-century of combined experience helping clients throughout the bankruptcy process and creating a more comfortable and manageable financial situation.

How the Bankruptcy Process Works

Bankruptcy starts with a petition that asks the court to grant a temporary automatic stay, immediately stopping creditors from contacting you. If creditors attempt to contact you after they receive notice of your bankruptcy filing, they are violating the law and they know it. Our goal is to get most of your debts discharged. Your bankruptcy lawyer files the necessary documentation on your behalf and holds harassing creditors accountable. The court and bankruptcy trustee evaluate your financial and personal information, and the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 attorneys at Reppe Law Office PLLC oversee your filings to ensure accuracy as we work to achieve your financial goals.

What’s The Difference Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Some types of bankruptcy serve individuals, while others are for corporations. There are still other types of bankruptcy that deal with special circumstances, such as municipal bankruptcies. Most consumer clients choose to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which differ as follows:

  • Chapter 7 — Also known as “straight bankruptcy,” Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidates your assets to satisfy your debts.
  • Chapter 13 — This type of bankruptcy provides a repayment plan for your debts. It organizes your debt into a single monthly payment for a period of three to five years.

Our bankruptcy lawyers fully explain the advantages of each type of plan and do everything we can to save clients from foreclosures, wage garnishments, harassing creditors and repossessions.

Untangle Your Financial Knots with Our Adept Bankruptcy Attorneys

Free yourself from the cycle of debt by speaking with the attorneys at Reppe Law Office PLLC. We can straighten out your financial situation by presenting options for bankruptcy. Contact us online or call us at 507-645-5569 for a free initial consultation at either of our office locations. Weekend appointments are available. Our firm serves Dakota, Rice, and Goodhue counties.

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